September 7, 1986

When General Augusto Pinochet first got into power the people said we were about to experience a holocaust worse than what Hitler did to the Jewish people. It has happened. His plans were to create concentration camps of anyone opposing against him. That basically means all of the Chilean people because we wanted the change of socialism, the idea sounded promising.  It’s been almost a decade since Pinochet has gotten into power, on national protest day we as citizens had decided to bang on pots and pans and march into Santiago, which is the capital. It’s been a few months since we have had peaceful protests but now extremist are beginning to turn violent, which means the government now has another right to attack us using violence. From the outside looking in some people may think the Chilean people are not fighting against this, one brave person attempted to assassinate Pinochet. Since it was a failure he believes he is an immortal creature, his behavior has gotten worse since the failed attempt of his death. He has created a place called the Chacabuco desert camp, at first we thought it was rumors but now we see our population decreasing everyday he is really taking our people and killing them off as if we are old toys he doesn’t want anymore. I don’t want people to forget that Pinochet took away our rights and won power because he painted a pretty picture of his dictatorship. He told the public that if he came into power he would support the free market and he was anti communist that is why he won so many votes. He did not tell the people that anyone who ruled against him or did not agree with his political standpoint would be killed. Over 3000 of Allendes supporters were killed or went missing. He also shut down three of the country’s newspapers, placed many Universities under the rule of the military and banned all signing in public. I think the Chilean people will figure out a way to end his rein, we have to. We are all scared of what other tricks he has up his sleeve; he makes our population disappear like magic so we questions the extremities he will go to in order to remain in power a little longer. I hear some organizations are considering posting the idea of a plebiscite, which is when the entire country is permitted to vote on the system of government or to change something in the constitution. I feel like if this doesn’t work this is our last chance to have democracy and peace in our country. We are tired of losing the people of Chile for what we believe in. 

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