September 11, 1973 12:01pm

There are rockets being thrown into the palace they are trying to kill our only hope for a new life. Why are they doing this to us? Who authorized this behavior?  The public has so many questions. They are saying that General Augusto Pinochet lead this disaster because the United States and his army does not believe in the change, I do not understand why they had to take his life to get their point across. My sources tell me that there was a violent military coup led by General Augusto Pinochet the purpose was to overthrow Allende. They offered him a safe exile but he refused; now I know why we supported him as our leader to enter a new way of living.  He had intangible beliefs and principles that shocked the world with new perspective and a chance to experience equality at a greater standpoint. Allende was found with bullet wounds and our future, all we ask is why wasn’t there any say of the people?

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