September 4, 1970

Hope was spread in the souls of the Chilean people. Our first democratically elected Marxist president was declared his name is Salvador Allende. This president is different he speaks of this change that we have never heard of or imagined, but it sounds like cielo, heaven. He was apart of Partido Socialista de Chile, The party of socialism. He believes in building Chile to be equal in all aspects some people think he is crazy, the government in the United states do not agree with his methods on how Chile should be ran. His goals are to improve the living conditions of low income and middle class citizens. His way of doing that is to shut down all private owned property and corporations mainly on foreign companies. He plans on nationalizing all businesses such as coal, steel and vital copper. He recently froze all prices and increased wages; he also made medical care and schooling available to all children, his plan doesn’t seem so crazy after all.

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